Is traditional blogging still worth it?

Jo is back on track!

Jo is back on track!

Is blogging dead? Most likely. At least in the way it used to be.  Now we use Facebook, we tweet or Instagram our meals and outfits, reblog that cute photo set of kittens you just bumped on Tumblr, or even share your playlist for that trip with your friends.
Different services and interests, different platforms, but back then you could basically express anything mentioned above in a personal or themed weblog.

Not all blogs are dead now, but there is such feeble and small activity compared to few years back in the past that now most of the ones I was following are either on endless hiatus (even mine, until today), closed or disappeared from the internet at worst.

I find this kind of sad because we are reducing communication to pictures, or even using someone else’s words for an idea or a concept you’re agreeing with. I think it’s slightly harmful for us. I am way far from being a good blog writer (especially in english, forgive me for my silly blabbers) but writing is good for you. It’s good for everyone and we’re losing this habit. And it’s overwhelming.

Why am I writing this kind of post here? Because I am disheartened to see this page dead, as well as other fellow Bloggers, like Maiev or Mary.
Waking up and opening my RSS reader to check if someone posted something was a ritual I could never think to give up, but it happened!

In the matter of Souleater, I am trying to give its life back once and for all, maybe trying to adapt myself with more “visual appealing” content, like videos (I’m recording a lot recently!) or drawings/screenshot. Made a new graphic in order to incentivize myself to be more productive.
I will probably review and post about other games as well. Writing reviews is nice! And I like sharing my thoughts with other people. I really hope this is going to work!

Bahamut Coil T2 0click!

New video as promised. Full Coil T2 run, using the newly 0 click strats. While I like this because it’s basically impossible to fail, I still don’t mind and already missing the old method, with AIDS spreading and tactical formations.

Garuda Extreme

I was supposed to upload a 0 click T2 video but yesterday I spammed such splendid Garudas I couldn’t wait to do that instead. I was on scholar this time! Have fun watching this play through of a healer who eventually forgets to take cleric stance off.

A Realm Awoken: A Recap

Been a while! 2.1 happened and of course I have been busy with new contents and catching up with some stuff.  Everyone knew this patch was going to be massive but I could never imagine it would have been THIS massive.
I still haven’t managed to beat everything,  EX primals left, and I’m having so much fun! But let’s try to get some order here.


Leves. I’ve said before I am slowly becoming an avid crafter. I managed to burn all the leves I had to reach Leatherworker 1-42 in a single day. On a HQ trade-IN, 40k loss. Not so bad, not so good. I guess it will just take 10-15 more leves but still doable. Maybe SE didn’t like much people exploiting the system buying materials and such. Anyway just two crafts and some cooking levels left, I will probably finish up that one sometimes soon!

HQ Avengers!Still regarding crafting and such, I tried making my first Two Star★★ recipe. I didn’t aim for HQ or anything. Was just some kind of new weapon for Kerb to help him on the way on his relic and tried to get him the better version of it!
Having no Steady Hand II and Carpenter/Goldsmithing skills made it little trickier!

But here it is, a pair of Avengers in their glory! They look SO COOL in game (I forgot to take a screenshot there, duh!) – it’s like two big shiny bricks to crush your enemies with!

Kerb got MNK 50 while ago on his character and we can finally start doing things together again. That means spamming some dungeons for myths (supposed to get an today!, can’t really wait for it.)

Kerb and I chillin before killing story mode Garuda.

Kerb and I chillin before killing story mode Garuda. I’m starting to like his Galka.

As mentioned before, I got Copperbell/Haukke/Pharos clears (easy stuff here) as well with Ultima (lost lot on healing belt -cries-) and Good King Moggle. I’m currently trying to set up a group of friends and go through the new Extreme mode of Primals for Weapon Quests and why not? Maybe some farmings here and there, my BLM and SCH will sure benefit something off them. And FUN!

The new dungeons are nice, and I definitely love Haukke and Pharos on par. I wish they would have used Siren as primal instead, but the fight is interesting enough even tho I still have to try it as healer, which it looks painful enough. I actually tried PS on day one but we got beaten so badly because we all had no clue how to work out with Zu and ended up running out of time.

Ultima was interesting. It’s definitely an easier fight than Titan Hard in my opinion, even tho the last set of balls might be a little tricky. A bit annoying on BLM for the second set of lasers since it requires a lot of movings; I just gimp out for few secs and scathe until three of them or so are down.

King Moogle!King Moogle! I LOVED IT. Love. It.

Not being a Legacy player, I totally had no clue about this fight. I went with couple friends and just had them mark stuff to kill. You know. I don’t like reading/watching spoilers if I can (that’s why I’ve been trying doing hardest fights first, when no one has a single clue about what the hell is going on, because, why not!)

This track is an obvious rip off of Nightmare Before Christmas “This is Halloween” – so obvious it even keeps the same structure and musical rhythms and everything. I could do the fight over and over, too bad every single party I’ve been doing fight with, does it completely different every time!

AcheronAnd when I tought I was about to be done with this post, I realise that another biggie is missing: Crystal Tower. First run on day one was terrible. Wipes at everything, people who had filters and/or no clue about Alliance chat, melees fighting at the polar opposite of the ring (spamming this as Scholar because I need hands and feet so badly – gotta love the crits on there!)

This update was FANTASTIC. I missed some stuff and would like to write more things here, like Hildebrand storyline and my thoughts about Housing! I would have loved to post a new video (a no rot/zero clicks T2 ADS) but I forgot to start Fraps up so it’s a no go this time.


Aestetician was sure something I’m loving. I just keep changing hairstyle even though I’m currently sticking with the one on the left side of above picture, it really recalls my old character on XI with no mods. I miss that little girl. I hope they are going to implement more hairstyle soon, crossing fingers to get my old fluffy pigtail back!