Portrait Commissions

commissionsPayment Method: Paypal (Postepay is accepted for italian customers)
I’ll ask you for full payment once I’ll send you a draft

Contact e-mail: jowy10@gmail.com

Will draw

  • MMO Characters (FFXIV, GW2, Tera, etc)
  • Furries with majority of human features
  • Fanarts
  • Gem/Troll/*-sona

Won’t Draw

  • Orcs/Zombies/Monster characters in general
    (Ask tho, certain monster like Lamiae/demi humans in general ar fine)
  • Porn elements/accessories (dildos, etc)

Additional Informations

Please note that sometimes, since I’m using traditionals, I might not have the right color(s) for your character (this applies for markers, so flats/full shading)
I will show you the closest I have before I start working on it. Part of the money will be used to buy new art supplies! IF YOU WANT GOLD/SILVER AS COLOR FLAT PICTURE I WILL CHARGE 5$ EXTRA.

Please send as many references as possible! Especially if it’s a custom game character. 

Prices are for a SINGLE character. I might consider discounts for multiple orders.

I’ll send you 2 files: One 600dpi untouched scan and a resized edited image.

I can send you the original art and the price will differ due of:

  • Paper size
  • Paper type

I usually draw on A5 sheets but I can do bigger ones on A4.
Please ask for this beforehand and I will come back to you with price+shipping


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