As promised, I’m introducing other games reviews in this blog, even tough they won’t be many since FFXIV takes most of my time. Anyway, Legend of Korra.

WARNING: Small/moderate spoilers of Book 1/2 !

The Legend of Korra

This game was released on multiple platforms (PC, Xbox One/360 and PS3/PS4) on 21/22 October 2014 and it was developed by Platinum Games, the same people behind Bayonetta.
Everyone assumed that since Bayonetta peeps were working on this it was going to be a masterpiece. But instead, all we got was a terrible rip off of others games with some petty graphics filled with bugs and approximate textures.

So, what’s really wrong in this game? You start fighting Dark Spirits where the Tree of Time is, using all elements because you’re…duh, the Avatar. I admit it’s fun here, even know you have totally no clue of your doings and you just keep smashing buttons randomly.

Legend of KorraThen stuff happens and you get ripped off all your elements, AGAIN. Equalists. And this is where the tedious part begins.
You start fighting the same enemies and bosses over and over in places that look the same.
The formula is: Equalists, some kind of Big Daddy machina dude, and the Triple Threat Triad.  And that was four hours into the game, after that I couldn’t bear any second longer.

Okay. Enemies are boring but at least fighting is exciting? No.
You need get back your elements, starting with water. And once you get a bending back, you can level them up and buying up more combos in the shop. It does sound cool but there are no complex moves and you will most likely use the same element and skills repeatedly. You have two attacks, plus one button to dodge and one to defend and one to switch elements.

Pro-Bending tournament is there, and it’s nicely done. You can unlock it after beating the game, and unfortunately I can’t say much about it, since I only got to complete a match during the storyline.

Legend of KorraExploration is basically zero and everything is almost a corridor that looks the same. There are few treasures to discover in order to gain spirits points (I’ll explain their use after).
Sometimes you need to travel for “long” distances and… which is the best way? Riding Naga of course! Too bad it’s a hideous Temple Run rip off. Literally.
And it suffers the lack of your average phone sensors, so you need further inputs to move your character from left-center-right.

You will eventually run into Iroh spirit in-game who will give you access to the shop.
You can buy health and raise potions, power ups and new skills using spirit points you earn when killing off enemies, finding out secret items and destroying random cars or others objects around.

Music wise, you can hear the same tunes over and over during fights. Nothing special here.There are also nice animated clips which are probably the only good thing of this game.

I don’t like giving scores. But I suggest you to save up those 15 bucks and get a Pizza instead. I am both a gamer and a huge fan of this show, but it’s not enough force myself to finish it.