Hello guys! Jowah here.

I’ve been a Final Fantasy XI player since 2004, my character was on Ragnarok in the Spikeflail Linkeshell. We were one -if not THE- best group in our server, being first killers of stuff like Tiamat and we managed to complete all new content upon their release.

My main was BLM even tho I had many well geared jobs, almost all mage jobs and paladin! I managed to accomplish huge personal milestones such soloing Diabolos or other things in sea.

I eventually quit in 2009 because the game started to stress me out and felt like a second job! I moved to Aion upon its release with whom was my partner back then -Kerberoz-. I never quitted playing that game until XIV ARR release, but I never been a dedicated player -my main- an Elyos cleric, never been in a Guild and I just played alone as casual as I could.

I never tried Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 because somehow I didn’t like it. I tried beta and I had no interest. Then XIV A Realm Reborn went live and I decided to give it a spin. Loving the game now! Can find me on Ragnarok under the name Agony Powell

Jowah on XI Jowah on XIV

Gaming aside, I am 33, I also draw and fix computers in my free time.