Absolute Virtue, what happened.

Absolute Virtue was patched, we came, we equipped our weapons and killed it. Easy? Well, kinda.
My linkshell doesn’t have at the moment enough DRK zerg power to kill it down (not like it matters anymore) and our leaders decided to team up with another good linkshell, Novorsa.

I found myself tanking Jailer of Love. Which is something I actually love (well, I just ADORE it), mostly because of the RDM subjob!
Nothing out of the ordinary there, just the same good ‘ol spamming stuff for hate, and die for JoL 2hour. Just had to hold that thing for few minutes at low percentage while Graeson, Amina, Hoss and other DRKs were getting ready with songs, rolls ‘n stuff. We killed ally leaving only tanks and BLMs in to let them kill JoL, and keep melees hate free.

Everything but DRKs and a WHM in each party joined the zergfest. That means no fancy title for me :(
I was healing people from outside ally (I literally had 4-5 /ma “Cure IV” playername) and the whole zerging was going awesome.
But unfortunately, we screwed up a couple of stuff (early Drain IIs and most important, a missed Benediction due lag) and first try ended like this.

What sucks most, is that we wiped at 1%. Yes, ONE FUCKING PERCENT. Matix tried a desperate EES but damage wasn’t enough for the kill :(
It just sucks I couldn’t do anything, and since too much time passed since we engaged, we obviously couldn’t recover. Sucks to be us.

Second try, same strat. Me-Cyn-Terny poke JoL, hold it a bit and then make BLMs kill. Absolute Virtue pops, DRKs gets their drains and buffs and they go. And apparently, the strat worked perfectly on our second try ever.

I know it’s quite late to post this, but I’m still excited for that fight. My only complain/whine is not being able to get “Virtuous Saint” title ; ; I guess next time I’ll get it! (when players will fight another working strat in 783438 years)

Drops? Bellona’s, Mars’s and Raphael’s Rod. Three. Yeah three. And sucks the fact it wasn’t our pop.
What does that mean? We killed AV but got nothing to show off :( Even a stupid rod would have been enough!

SquareEnix is such an asshole to players right now, patching AV again after a single mere week.
Why? Because they don’t like zerg? Then why they let us zerg Dynamis Lord. Or King Vinegaroon. Meh.
I was really happy because it was finally killable, and besides items and everything, the whole teaming thing with NO was awesome. Linkshells working together to fulfill something is great imho. And, isn’t the base concept of Final Fantasy itself, with the whole friendship blah blah thing ?

Anyway, we kinda left our toughts from Absolute Virtue right now, and been focusing a bit on past NMs and Pandemonium Warden (we got a pop set!) But i guess that will be next post’s main thread!

Hellday is now playing on Dukefleed character while waiting to have his old taru back. Since he wasn’t able to make it in time for an Einherjar run, he asked me to get him the clear.
Well, I got kinda tempted to play/try a melee job (Ridill WAR), since it was a lolT1 chamber and had a big amount of people anyway. And I did.

I think I’ll never level a melee. At least, WAR doesn’t really fit me. It’s……….. boring. Extremely boring.
And seeing my HP dropping w/o being able to do anything is an horrible feeling! The only jobs I could ever raise could be only DRK DRG and THF probably, mostly because they look more “active” battle wise and got better unique stuff. Don’t get offended you proud melee guys ;(
All jobs above can be a real viable option, since by then I’ll have some homam, but it’s not the time to even think about this! I resumed leveling SCH last weekend (thanks Grae!) and I’m 46 and some exp. Yay :3~

Ok, that was totally unexpected o.o I mean.
We were waiting for our AV “date” and Ami just traded me out of nowhere. “Oh cool” I thought “He’ll probably trade me those HQ Coral legs for JoL he lend me that other time”
But then I saw this x.x Novio Earring! Literally died irl D: I think Ami had to wait at least a whole minute to complete the transaction. I’m so happy ; ; Thank youu!! Still shacking irl for it!

Next item for BLM I’m planning to get is Merciful Cape. Me and Kerb have like a total of 5H.Q. Aern Organs, I hope it will drop, I’m like 0/8468756 on Ix’MNK ._.! Wish me luck!

Made this picture on MY OEKAKI (yes the huge fontings means: YOU VISIT AND DRAW IF YOU CAN K?) as a gift for my dear friend Petisu! She also play on Ragnarok, very nice PLD and RDM~
I got a new tablet (Wacom Bamboo) and I’m spamming doodles everywhere!


  1. I am thinking of leveling DRK, DRG, or THF myself. Me and another mage friend on my LS have been talking about leveling a melee job for awhile, since we both would like to other things other than support all the time.

    :o How did you get your comment page like this? It looks nice. :3

    And I already sent you a tell but grats again on the AV. ^^

  2. hayhay! At least you got the AV title! :D but yea i did hear that they gimped drk :x i did thought about leveling it for 1 sec :x

    and hay really nice simple theme :D

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