Artifact? Yes Please

Artifact time again!
I finally hit level 50 with my White Mage, and I’m so happy! I got Divine Veil, goodbye multiple Erases and delay stresses!^_^
Obviousily I unlocked “Borghertz’s Healing Hands” quest, and done AF2. Yes, I already got the duckbills!



I can’t wait to equip it! The interruption rate thing is very nice especially when you panic while casting teleport/warp while aggro XD; (YES I DO THAT…but not during exp sessions é_é), and MP+10 sounds nice.
I tried to get the hat too, it’s a coffer key in Garlaige. Xeel helped me both for Yagudo Holy water for duckbills and the key in Garlaige, so I need only to find the chest. (We also tried to get coffer in Crawler’s Nest but had no luck)
I’m noob and didn’t know if I could go open as BRD; Mich and all friends of mine were offline at that time so I asked Strawberrie and she told me……*NO* T_T.
Went there but got a huge amount of aggro thanks to a stupid RDM. We tried to help him but he warped away leaving us with all the aggros….and we gave up. (strange, but no deaths :3)
I’ll try again today, and maybe I’ll ask Xeel/Fassbinder/Demeanor/Yarly/whatev for the door matter XD

Ahah. I also tried to kick Vassago’ass. If you don’t know, it’s the final NPC fellow BC quest.

Guess what?^_^
I died of course. Savul is too low and sucks with hand-to-hand weapons. I have to give him his scythe again and exp to level 50. (BC cap is lvl 50) and switch him back to shielder.
Unfortunately I don’t have the advanced job for the shield type, I hope it will work too :/
But Sav is still 42, so I’ll take care about it later XD

I often talk with Maiev in those days. Ahahah and I learned that Maiev is actually A BOY :D
This won’t mean I like talking with him more or less XD He’s a fun guy to chat with^^

As you can see I implemented rating system for each post. I just want to see what it’s interesting for you readers and what’s not, so I can avoid writing down boring things :)
It’s an AJAX-ed plugin so you have to click only, no reloads or waitings u.u
I also added a mailing list notification system for my guide page, so if you’re interested in my guide you’ll receive a mail once I update that section! Hope you find that thing useful!

Least but not last, an appeal to DRAKEN (a.k.a. {Drachen Roll}) and MICHAEL.
I know both of you lurk my page but sometimes you even can say just “hi” :p
You stink ; ;

I got another photo :O My friend Edlin took it!

Free Image Hosting at

Ahahah sorry for the “WTF” face but it was one of the last days of the comicon (….i think). We were VERY tired and sat there for so long, trying to relax a little ;_; My feet hurted so much t.t
I haven’t still take a break from that con, I had to go back to work once it ended. So glad it’s week-end now^^


  1. 5 star for obvious reasons!!!

    I’m a boi, oh noes everyone will know now XD! shhh gotta pretend to be a girl, more invites, more people treat me for dinner/pies that way XD!

    girls get treated so much nicer in ff :

  2. Okay… glad to know Maiev is a guy… I wasn’t sure and when Falc and I talk and his name came up it’s be “him/her/whatever they are…”. ^_^;;

    Gratses on the af!

  3. Aww that picture is so adorable… I still hate the Mithra ears though. You may be playing to the fandom, but you are betraying your “Talu” family! D:

    And as far as that NPC thing goes, I don’t think Savul needs to be a shield type. I went on NIN/WHM to mine, with Yawawa on Attacker job. We won with me left with 20HP. It was very rough even full at 50 cap.

    However, I hear the key to winning it is standing behind your NPC when you fight. When Vassago does Blighted Gloom, if you are behind Savul, you’ll take no damage. Also, he should 2hr with Blessed Radiance (or maybe it’s just a normal ability) and heal up your HP.

    I didn’t know this when I did the BC, but you should try. Let me know how it goes.

  4. Ugh coffer keys and coffer hunts. Absolutely HATE those. Especially in the necropolis and citadel where I need to gather people just to get to the mobs that drop the keys!

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