Bye Promathia, ’till next time!

Before starting posting, sorry if I haven’t posted earlier, and i wish you a belated happy easter xD! And I wanted to let you know that now I really feel better thanks to this few days of holiday and some friends.

I managed to finish ALL Promathia, killing those nasty 8.3 pots (thank you Kerb, White and Hellday to helping us!) and right after get rid of that white flying thing (also known as Promathia)

Promathia: END!

record pot

Promathia record

And we broke the record as well. We rule ^_^!

I really didn’t know what to pick then….Tamas or Rajas? I wanted to grab Rajas before, but guys from Linkshell told me it’s only good for ws or SAM. And since I’m going to exp COR only as a “melee” job, I think it would be a waste. SMN, BRD and WHM will get more benefits from Tamas. So……


Then I had fun and relax raising some random jobs. 2k to WHM 62 and SMN 69, and also got BLM to 26 o_o; I would like to raise BLM actually, but I will be not able to afford ze spellz, soo D: I give up before starting :x
And I really can’t start again another job……since I have WHM,SMN and COR on my plans. I would raise BST as well but last EXP session was just horrible……I fail as BST. Maybe I should hang with Tiyha sometimes, hoping that she’s willing to teach me some tricks x_X;

OMGLOLZZZ A GM!I also had a “cool” in game meeting xD;!
That’s a G, you bet it o.o!
We were fighting Tiamat, and then he appeared~ I was a little scared actually, but after all we didn’t do anything wrong.
He was just pussing by and having fun with us!
And I can say that GMs are lvl1 for sure. And it’s not for their gear.
I hasted him and it wore off after 1 sec.
First time ever I saw a GM, it was cool actually since his name [Graston] is very similar to a LS’ member name, [Graeson]! GMs should wear off their helms somethimes tho D: And they should make some taru GM!


And this thing up there is awesome ^ :3

I helped a friend of mine (Eltharion) on his first Promyvion run. Holla time! We managed to get a 1/1 and will soon do both Mea (ARGH!) and Dem. I am really afraid that I will get through CoP again, but it’s ok since now I know exactly what to do.
I also recorded a video of our Holla clear, but it’s not up yet on youtube since its more than 10 minutes long, and I need to quick-learn to use Sony Vegas (downloaded under a suggestion received)

FriendsSky event also. I arrived there, and if somebody didn’t pick me at sky’ entrance I would never attend at all. I just have an horrible orientation, even in real life (I often find myself lost in my city rofl)
I got ……….Zenith Crown wow! I’m waiting to have that thing crafted as soon our bank will be up again. -50 HP +50 MP is as awesome as deadly for a taru xD
No wonder if I’ll find myself dead with that thing on :3 But I’m happy!
Little pic with my friends over there. REALLY GLAD that both Jeff (Yarly) and Khasim came back to play^^

And, finally:


Got with a lolsetup of BRDx2, BLMx2, RNG. Went in with Tirinai, Kerberoz, Jeff and Perseid. Easy fight with binds and nukes, as well with hymnus to prevent that nasty dispelgax2 that removes 2 effects. Can’t wait to get Diabolos now :3

Regarding site, I hadded a video page. Nothing up interesting for now, just wait for me to do some interisting stuffs ingame and you’ll find them there!
Will work on Promy run movie today.


  1. 1. Go laugh at tazo please, she finished Promathia a month ago but never got ring

    2. yay now you can summon Fenrir, can summon our server anytime to play with us!

    and lol GM testing! testing the police can be a criminal offense :3!!!! carefulll

  2. I didn’t expect Promathia to look like a pink Shiva with pink rings floating around him, oooo-kay… (‘-‘;;)

    Ever noticed how the sky turns totally pink during dark weather too? pink = evil for w/e mind boggling reason D: oh but congrats on both CoP&Fenrir :D way to go!

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