Calm after the storm

First of all, thanks alot for the support after my last *omgsoemo* post. Rough moments happens to all…. but considering in game tells, and all comments received, I see those are very common problems for the jobs I have.
Still hanging with White Mage. No doubt I love it. Summoner will be “used” to smash things if I can/need (yesterday I wiped all leeches in Qufim looking for Carby Ruby for a friend of mine) and Tiamat sessions as well. Will be not merited untill I finish WHM and BRD stuff.And BRD is only my merit maker at the moment, using it while Jeff isn’t around so I can steal his manteel D:! (and Mary and Apollo)

Rank 10~As said in two posts ago, I managed to get Rank 10…. and I would add finally. Last missions were too easy, and I bet we could be able to even trio the final BC.

Rank 10

Our “rank set” was composed by me, Michael and his brother Xeel, their friend Kheld and Kerberoz came to help us in the fight. Of course once I ranked up I got my Windurstian staff :3…. and will probably get an Aketon and try to sell it. Meh, I need money, I have like20k and I need to buy a Templar Mace D: ..around 150k worth~

Boss!On the Salvage side, I’m 2/3 on Marduk hands. Best thing is that one of those two pieces is a LVL35. We already attempted to kill the boss who drops 25 hands, but unfortunately we were out of luck D:…
Our schedule has been increased from 2 runs to 3 or maybe even 4 per week. I couldn’t attempt on monday run coz I failed on the AP department, so I used Jeff chara and did Salvage with his BRD :D
Hope to have more luck next time, I can’t wait to have Marduk hands, since i would skip (lol) lolBlessed hands I cant afford :x!!


I got 75 with Summoner too. Can finally start raising merits on it as well. Won’t hide it was a pure pain. I only thank the LS to grab me into a merit pt and was able to get those 20k exp i needed to reach the damn level.
Thanks Cyn/Kerb/Joyo/Jeff/forgotwhoelsewasinpt! Now I need “only” to get some lolItems such Ying Yang Robe, Bahamut Staff (since I have only NQ staves it’s a pure win), Diabolos (halp me!) and other random things I’ll eventually get one day (Nashira SMN-related piece, lolRelicAF)

Can’t wait to see this week to end so I can relax a while in the week-end as usual. Need to buy some new DVD to watch while playing tho, Doc House season 2 where! And can’t wait to attempt to Salvage again.

Server Transfer! If some of you moving to Rag let me know!


  1. Wow, 75 smn so nice ^^b congrats, I been thinking of giving smn a chance too recently (not only as a sub for /whm, but it’d be also a chage from the usual enfeeb/refresh jazz I do on rdm lol)

    Oh sorry for randomness but (‘-‘) is a stack of blood lumber (for marduk’s) cheaper than blessed mitts on ragnarok?_? over here you could probably buy a full blessed set with that kind of gil XD

  2. Woohoo Rank 10! It feels so good. I have to admit I put it off for a long time, but when I finally got it, it was a lot of fun.

    Good luck on getting the rest of your items. Sounds like you have a shell to get you there.

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