Cross Server Love

I finally managed to meet my beloved Maiev (:*) on Fenrir!
I was a little bored on saturday, waiting for Michael coming to my town. I was almost ready and still 2hours to wait. Then I asked Mai for a World Pass :D
And he gave me one!

Char Creation

Of course I choose the same model/character I have on Ragnarok :O
Unfortunately I couldn’t call her Jowah, seems you can’t have the same name in one account even if servs are different. So I went for Jowy!

Mai was waiting for me in Windurst. Sooo glad it wasn’t San d’Oria or Bastok^_^!
He also used a little cutie taru with glasses (Jowah’s obsessed with that). So hottie!


It’s the first time I meet someone on another server, and it’s pretty cool! I think all of us bloggers should gother once somewhere. I think it’s pwetty doable, considering you can use a single WP five times!^^

And finally even Jowah got an end game Linkshell ;; (the fact it’s a LS on another serv won’t matter)


YAY! I’m a GuessWho too!
I do visit their blog often, and IMHO they’re such nice people! And I’m an official GW’ member now! *happily, does the tarutaru dance *

Unfortunately, I had to leave game in 10-15 minutes. There was a storm in my city and it totally fucked up my modem :( So i couldn’t reconnect t.t
Then I bought a router but I didn’t pay attention to its box, coz it was ROUTER AND ROUTER ONRY, no modem.
I will go to that shop today for refund or exchange è_é (I need it for tomorrow, going to do again RANK3 mission for two friends of mine)
I feel a little no-nerd retarded newbie ;_;”’

Michael is still at my house (I’m at work atm), and he will leave today after lunch :'(
We spent two whole days togheter watching movies @cinema (Marie Antoinette and The Children of Men), eating PIZZA and going random outside around town :O (Mostly buying things for me, like materials for my next cosplay and some games and a DVD… “The Little Mermaid“! (raise hands for Dinsey’s movies!)

Ahahah…. I will call him shortly for a little snosh during this hard monday at work (Monday=t3h sUx0r)

………I want bread roll with aubergines and raw ham. *calls Michael* :D!


  1. OMG! Jowah’s such a sweetie! I was like you SURE you wanna spend a buck just to say hi? since we are already talking on AIM / MSN / blog rofl w

    and she’s like.. sure!
    what i’m mostly curious is why she isn’t scared.. i mean I love dead and naked tarus :3 but she still insisted of saying hi! hehe

    but thx for droppin by! at least i know i’m not thatttt bad in socializing :D

    5 star for obvious reasons!

  2. Tsk… next time bread roll with raw Tarutaru meat inside, and Galka’s bacon. (omg)

    Omg hello everyone \o.o/
    This is my…mhhh..2nd comment :O
    and now…I’m sleepy~ Good night :*

  3. Amagad!! What a crazy idea :) Jowah you are so very addorable, now delete that mule and use it to visit Ramuh! hehehehe

    FFXI servers are are definitely shrinking in size. I remember the days of 5k+ people online.. but these days we’re struggling to make 3k. Do you guys think we’ll ever see cross-server transfers? On WoW you can if ya fork out $25….

    Anyways. Long live Fenrir and GuessWho! Maybe one day you’ll see Miri there ;)

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