Let’s start with dead taru pics upon Maiev request XD (His love for poor fallen tarutarus in pwetty insane tho T_T)

Dead Taru

*Jowah picks her notebook and write down “don’t try to wait for people at the third banishing gate*
Yes I did that XD And died thanks to some cutie bats coming to me while casting sneak.
BUT IT’s OK ! I’m so happy and everything is fine! :D

I attempted with Michael to my very first real manaburn party. Mont Zhayolm of course!
Actually we went there for duo testing purpose only, but once there we joined a 4x BLM party and started to rock!

Mont Zhayolm Gates

We started at LVL 73 on saturday. Done 10k exp with Draken (and I’m sorry Draken, you know what I’m talking about) and then the dance started :O
Some hours later…………. DING!


Me and Michael was a little “WTF FAST EXP”, we did 40k in a day. I don’t know how much you usually exp but it’s alot for us^^
I think our max was 30k once.

The day after we went back there again, and joined some random Black Mages. They left after 2-3hours and I’ve finished becoming a mad party leader looking for BLMs while pulling non-stop and yelling to other random PTs in “my” area. (My arrrrrrrrea, my trrrreasurrrre)
Were pretty lucky, camp was free for almost all the day!


Yay! Queen of all Black Mages!
Actually I enjoyed alot those loooooong parties, and people were nice too! ….except for a self-centered tarutaru lol. You know, he was talking like taruwarper’s bigger brother.
“I AM the best, I AM the nuker YOU suck I OWN you ALL”. “WTF MY DRAIN IS C00lz0r” (Lol he didn’t say that but I’m sure he was thinking that XD)
That Kenshen up there was very nice. He died two times while coming to camp, then he was keeping thanking me for the awesome party xD I hope to pt with him again! For merits!


Almost 75! 1337 EXP XD! (If you’re wondering that’s the EXPwatch plugin) ….I don’t want to make the exact count of EXP hours but I used 1 one stack and half of pamamas (1 pama = 30 minutes) …..and I had sanction food on the beginning.
That’s something insane.

Mich75 Jowah 75
Michael 75! 75!!

Of course I went unlocking merits/locking EXP after party was finished. Merits for me now! I think I’ll keep exping on BRD 2-3 times per week, but first i need YOUR help for merits assignment. Just a suggestion on how distribute them XD
I need to raise SMN now (no, my cosplay won’t mean a single thing). I need it at least 30, easier Promyvion runs and better subjob for my White Mage.

….and even Savul level yesterday! He’s a wannabe 50^^

Savul 44

DING 44! Six levels to go! …..but actually I don’t think I can kill Vassago with my current jobs ….^_^;;; I have only Bard and White Mage avaiable :D

And now, let’s go for merits and ENDGAME!
I MUST find a Linkshell, i want to do some serious events :(
I hope my lack of time (evening+mornings) won’t interfere on this, cross fingers!
Jowah is now looking for a Linkshell! ADOPT MEE!!!


  1. LOL i like ur garlaige pic, its like a dead taru and ppl kick ur body to a corner :O!

    ding ding ding gratz! Now go meritpo 24/7 ^^; lol another long journey :O! 1-75 was only around 900k exp, to max out merit is another 2,000k exp ^^ 33% done gogo!

  2. Ack, lost my comment.

    Anyway, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you Jowah. Nice little EXP marathon there, lol.

    I’m starting to make a merit plan as well. Fortunately for me, it’s pretty straightforward on WAR.

  3. Congratulations! Woohoo! Congratulations! Woohoo! Congratulations! [/cheer]

    Aren’t manaburns fun? So easy it’s like stealing EXP … hehehe. Us lazy bards eh?

  4. CONGRATS ON 75!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe how fast you level up, crazy talu!

    And now WHM next? weeeeeee :) Hope ya have fun but… you’ll always be stuck playing bard for merits hehehe they are in high demand!

  5. congrats once again!

    it’s a shame that spikeflail is not recruiting right now :(

    and as for merits…

    it all depends on what you will be doing with your bard (and other jobs)

    if you look at my merits and read forums about bard merits, mine are fairly different from the normal bards.

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