Dynataru and merveilles, plus chocolate!

So many things to say, so many things happened, and as usual I really can’t decide on what to start with! Let’s go chronologically then o.o


Last time I did not post any info about Valentione’s event. I spent a whole day with Michael “wasting” time and getting both items, obviously the HQ versions!
After some initial problems (didn’t know what to do, Michael couldn’t do the quest multiple times for a Vana’diel day, server maintenance…), we managed to get our clubs! And of course i had to /NIN 14 to show off my brand new items to the world!
With WHM af so the colours could match togheter (lol, fashion sense!)


The charm wand makes me happy, coz Michael can Reraise me without wasting a charge of Reraise earring when I go soloing with my BST!^^

And! Regarding BST I am currently 36. Can’t believe i got this far, and with leave command the world…is mine!
My very first solo experience started in Lufaise meadows, leechs Vs. Orcs. I died twice for some stupid errors I did (didn’t see an orc behind me and then happily aggroed two of them)
And I can say that with RSE this job is so much easier x_x ..more HP, more strenght and other phisical attributes (lol)
But I guess I should stop raising that and concentrate on more important things like…….

Yes, Jowah dyna-ed last week, in Jeuno. And it was SO DAMN FUN I want to do that again soon. (But they do one run per week, noes!)

Before dyna! Dynamichael

I couldn’t imagine how cool dynamis is. We had two alliances, so we were a good amount of people, and went further with few losses (I didn’t die! :D)
But my worst worry was the fact that maybe my pc couldn’t hold that dynamess. Actually Besieged kills my computer more, so next time I’ll go @full resolution (I set minimum graphics, everything low so I could play smoothly)

I had to leaver before getting clear ;;
I had an “appointment”. A very important one. ……yeah, even more than dyna ^_^ Draken`s brother, Demeanor, invited me in a Divine Might alliance, and had to reach Ru`Aun as soon as possible.

Divine Might, let's go! DM, #1 DM, #2 DM, #3

I won’t mention the fact I died twice (Oh noes I just said this!) but the fight went fine in no time.
I was in a BLM PT only (and of course Mich was there♥) and had to refresh em only…simply coz Deme did not trusted me more asking me to do something “serious”, like keeping an eye on Mithra or Galka’ pet.

We wiped TT (;;) and Mithra in no time, then again the fight was a little a mess xD The kiters were holding bot hume and elvaan, while the rest killed the Galka.
PLD died with no problems at all while I died by Mijin Gakure right after I sang Fire Carol (And I ‘ve seen I was really near to him, stupid kiters xD!)

DM Done

2h = dead taru. But WTF, we WON! Divine Might done!
Regarding reward, I was going to grab Beastsomething ring/earring (I forgot), but Michael convinced me to grab a Suppanomimi (still don’t know why.)
So, here it is.


Do you thinks news and wonders finish here? Of course not!
I can say I received a very nice tell that makes me willing to work very hard for Promathia and sea access.
I’m currently rebuilding a party for 3.5 and we’re @3, hopefully we’ll be ready to go this night. I think 3.5 is a pain in the *** like promyvions, not for the tough mission itself, but the fact is very closed ranged regarding jobs.
You need stunners and fast killers. And now we’re only @SMN BLU and WHM. So we need the “primary meat” for this fight.
Demeanor stinks and refused the help I asked to him e_e (He’s DRK75)

I also meritted a little, and gained a total of 2 merits and half. Now I’m 2/5 on Lullaby recast and I’m going to max that, then I’ll move both on Minuet (Melees love me =p) and Finale recast. Being a taru I’m also tempted to raise HP a little, but I’m afraid to waste some precious points for nothing e_e

While meritting, something very strange happened.


Omg, I didn’t know I was a Paladin. Anyone can explain that? Me, Michael and Yoria (a LS mate) didn’t figure it out o_o Here`s the link to the whole log screenshot.

This week-end was so “wow”, and I’m really happy! Nice to meet you, EndGame!


  1. Dynamis is fun. Limbus is even more fun (I was tempted to say funner…but the grammar police were on my tail). Lullaby works wonders on beastmen slimes. And once nice thing about BRD is that we don’t get interrupted singing if we get hit. I hate the paralyze though.

    CoP 3-5 doesn’t need a DRK with stun. We did it with a couple of RDM/NIN who used Flat Blade to stun (so think of WS to stun in addition). BLU is a great addition to CoP (except maybe Snoll).

    Not sure about the whole cover thing.

    Congratulations on Divine Might. I think it’s the melee that get all worked up over that one. It’s nice to have done, but you should have seen my party last night, the melee were having heart attacks it was so hilarious. Probably convinced you to get Suppa if yo plan on leveling a melee job other than BST or SAM since the enhance dual wield will help (although that BST one looks really good for a pure BST).

  2. I suggest max minuet and split 2/3 between lullaby and finale however you see fit.

    If you remember my merit post, I deviated from that structure and did:

    1 finale
    1 lullaby
    5 minuet
    3 madrigal

    But this was before we used the feint job ability from THF.

    I got madrigal only because I used to do march+madrigal for our DRKs for soul eater + blood weapon on dynamis lord and other zerg fights!

    My reasoning:
    I pull like a madman and with only 1 lullaby merit + sha’ir gages + walalala turban, the recast is not noticeable.

  3. stupid ffxi always busted, and gratz on 5AA!

    That earring is THE RIGHT CHOICE! You won’t regret it, and sword skill is 1337! I’m glad you pick that over that 5axe 2 chr earring :3

  4. you know if u help me do minotaur 2.3 CoP. We can finish CoP so easily but draken don;t feel like doing it because jowah no help =O. mahhaha XP

  5. Draken:
    I said I will help when you’ll find people -_-
    You said to get ready last time but you were still @1.
    I dunno if ill be on on saturday, but should be ok on Sunday.
    Seems tat now it’s a fact that people love saying something Jowah has not done/said.

    I’m following your advices, got my Whalalalala~ turban and switched from AF hands to Sha’ir’s. I’m also working on Yigit gomlek, since a manteel is (dream)
    Next merit will land on Minuet, second upgrade on that.

    Suppa will be ok since one day I’ll make my BRD melee, and obviousily it will be /nin. Hope to get a joytoy too :3
    Also when I’ll bring WHM to 75, I want to be a killerthing with 2clubs and Hexa strike♥
    Glad to have pick’d suppa instead of Beastly.^^

    I love you too ♥.

  6. Super big congrats on beating Divine Might! It’s a huge FFXI achievement. For most people that quest sits in their quest log for a loooong time.

    And I agree everyone else. You made the right choice with the earring, I’m such a fool! I finished Divine Might so long ago I thought: Ohhh! Abyssal Earring is a FREE Phantom Earring +1! GET! And well…. of course sooner or later you level a melee job or SJ Ninja, but you can’t buy Enhance Dual wield from the AH :(

  7. Mirith: This is the SAME things I told to Jowah about the earring xD and … “I don’t understand why I have to get this” for 2 days @.@ /em hugs Jowah :*

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