emoPaladin and mules whoring

Finally got PLD 75 last week (this means Kerb is MNK75 too!), thanks a lot to some LS mates who helped me “leeching” in merits (cause that job in merits is…….kinda lul) or even logging me for some exp (Kerb and Grae)

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I’m so happy I finally finished this, but I really really really need ninja subjob. And RDM for BLM. Gonna start hardcore leveling sometimes next week, and want to be done with it forever. Then merits, since I’m kinda “almost” OK with BLM stuffz.

I played PLD a couple of times and well……..been kinda depressing. I think I suck real hard. Or maybe I dared with something too much for a newbie, I don’t know. What event? Einherjar.
Having an horde of mobs on me, trying to voke/flash/save everyone is more brain draining than all my other jobs at the moment, and all I see are my HPs going down. Motsognir demons fucking hurt.

Why am I failing that hard? I thought I was at least decent at tanking. Or really I should have avoided Einherjar and tried easy stuff like dynamis or some lolNM/mission mob? I don’t know. I’m just really pissed about myself.
Maybe I should have really picked some other job ;< Maybe Red Mage, or Scholar. Meh. HALP ; ;

And yeah, last Einherjars have been very embarrassing.
Keep losing for stupid stuff. And I hate myself for not going BLM yesterday and went on PLD instead. Should avoid tanking ’till I’m comfortable surviving on Ronfaure rarabs….. :(
Lack of sleepgas and low member attendance sucks. Failing so much stuff in general lately, that’s really no good… hope everything will get better sometimes soon.

Salvage side, keep being noobs as usual. Got 35 Usukane legs at 2.5 secs before exiting (checked timestamp) and of course we lost them, couldnt even reach lot menu that fast. Called GM but got nothing.
Sorry Pace :(

Dekka still hates me, last time our THF DC’d before the fight….yay. Salvage is making me really more and more emo each day it passes. Kinda feel like the tricked one. Been doin it for over a year, almost since release and people who started it like last summer have already a full set or multiple pieces of various armors.

Nothing really much to say besides this, cept this lotto bonanza madness. Both me and Kerb filled our accounts with all possible mules ever and started exping them.
I currently have almost four characters I could buy marbles with (Jowah, my first character ever Sloth, a lvl 5 and 4 mule. Still 12 to go!

First mule: Kerberox. I lol’d.
I was going to name him Kerberos (If there is some nerd around should even know what protocol Kerberos is) but unfortunately it was taken….so here it goes, got an “x” instead of that “s”.
That ugly bearded hume is obviously Kerb, naming himself Jetski after a LS member, Jski.
Omg that was real fun. Actually I created another mule named after some real player, and that’s actually “Graelol”, but he’s s still lvl 1. Sorry Graeson! Don’t delete that character on my account please!

Second set. Swollenuvula (……….guess whos this character) and Berrie. Respectively mithra and elvaan female.
For obvious reasons we made all mules MNKs for better and fast leveling, and started in San d’Oria.
I really hate leveling low level jobs but this is actually fun! Everything is so much better when you play with someone, I really get bored easily.
We can finish a mule in 30-40 mins or so with PL and crappy gimped XP party, unfortunately we have no BRD/COR mule or that would have been really faster than that.
Gonna raise Graelol next! Then I need to create other mules. The city introduction is really irritating, and I can’t make more than 2 characters at time cause i die each time at all those “movies” D:

Like Kerb said, aren’t we the most awesome lesbo couple :D
*Beware of his DATs here, it’s one of his SSs, I stopped modding that heavy long ago D:!*

My character just needs a whip then we’re set D:!
(K, I’m really a perv but that’s kinda a known thing, so uh……that’s ok.

SquareEnix altro introduced new relic weapons.
Everyone is like “O.O” and guessing how you can upgrade those stuff.

I remember back then reading you need to get through Nyzul floor 100 two times (but I can be totally wrong) and….just my personal opinion, maybe we’ll need items/ingredients from Einherjar (insane amount of Ampules maybe?), new drops in Salvage or some retarded amount of Imperial coins/IS.

I’m really curious, but just a bit disappointed for a couple of things.

Those are weapons for my current jobs.
Laevateinn for BLM, Yagrush for WHM, Burtgang for PLD, Carnwenhan for BRD and Nirvana for SMN.
Totally disappointed about BRD not getting a horn/harp and PLD having a sword instead of a shield.

Also kinda wondering about stats of those items, and/or if they will come along with some “power within”.
What i mean is, regular relics have an unique WS. Maybe those will have unique WSs, spells or abilities? A Nirvana with some new Avatar coming along would fit just so perfectly.
Kaevateinn….some new spell? Or just god please, make me getting rid of elemental staves and save some inventory.

My Nyzul set is still at level 40-45 (but we’re farming everything for everyone so I’m ok with that) but I’m not really sure if Darkbrillance will be up for the floor 100 warp trick.
Well, guess it’s too much early to talk about this, I really can’t wait new informations!

And since Maiev usually skip rest of content if I post a drawing first………. gonna put pics as last topic!

Cover me not, WIP V.2

Just a WIP (work in progress) shoot of the one I blogged about some time ago. I am really really slow lately (my brain is lagging, duh) and MAYBE I’ll even use this one for BG art contest. Kerb kinda pushing me to do so D: Guess I’ll end up signin’ up on that.
Hope i’ll finish this sometimes soon :<

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  1. I find this mule frenzy a sort of legalized RMT since you’re spending real money in order to increase the chances of winning the items of the contest…
    S-E thought a nice way of feeding his (her?) bank account… Not really an ethical way but, well, it’s business.

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