Equip, Sky, and a Cooking.

I renewed recently all my equipment. Decided to sacrifice my HPs (and being a taru BRD makes it’s an Incredibly Tough decision :S) to convert them into MP. With Rolanberries I have more than 300 mana points, and that’s so good^^ I can support party a little more.

I bought a lot of new things too: Elegant Shield, Rapier, Jester Cape and two HP>MP rings as I said. Plus I got the Star Necklace from S.O.B.’ quests.

Still regarding equip, Draken bought me the Opaline dress. I’m so happy to have this long sought item! I really can’t wait to get both legs and shoes!
Thanks Draken!

But most important thing…..I have sky access. Done almost all the ZM in those days, I finally can enter Tu’Lia region.
I went there only for exploring purposes, I forgot to take an Instant Warp scroll and couldn’t find the way to get home, and I accidentally came across TT Ark Angel BC. Tought “Why not, at least I can make 2k exp fast”.
Yes, went there and got killed by him.

I hope to clear “Full Moon Fountain” Mission too. The fact it’s only opened to Windurstian sucks a little.
Started leveling cooking again; I’m currently level 26.4, today I’m going to hit 30 and make a signed Love Chocolate for Michael!

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  1. Hehe. Congratulations on Sky access. I haven’t explored much in there. The teleport system seems very confusing to me. Go go cooking. Go go chef!

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