Failed solo attempts but cute rings!

Diabolos #1 Diabolos #2Got drunk (not really) and decided to attempt soloing Diabolos….well I guess I should really wait to have my old connection back.

Got it to 15% at best, then I lagged and died. What awesome luck.
I admit i panicked more than enough, and first time I even forgot some buffs.

Basically, enter, Reraise, food, and all possible protective and useless spells you have. Stoneskin, Blink, Aquaveil, En-something, Ice spikes (it actually kicks in good enough), Regen (brought Selbina milk as backup, And yeah, I wasn’t using Sorcerer’s), Protect, Shell, Phalanx, Bar-somespell, Barsleepra and finally, Poison potion. Could have probably used Yag’s drink as well but oh well.

Massive protection because Diabolos spam Dispel, and the last thing you want to get broke is Stoneskin. Just like BRD’ Maat: the more useless stuff to dispel, then more chances to me to win. But I failed :(

I’ll probably try again if some friend is willing to come/lend me account to R3 myself if I fail.

Tanking DM'EV

Tanking DM' Elvann

Done Divine Might for the fourth time.
I actually changed earring this time, I threw my suppa but I still haven’t get my new reward yet.
I am very, very, very undecided between Abyssal and Knight’s.
Extra shield skill is always welcome, and on BLM i have already enough Dark Skill. Sch is ok as well. BUT! I will go for DRK next, so uhhhhh!
Graeson will kill me if I pick Knight’s :( Kerb will if I pick Abyssal! What a horrible choice x.x;

This time I had better job to do, hold the hume! Was really easy task to do, and while people were busy killing it, I had to hold that horrible Elvaan as well, since previous tank (which it will stay unnamed !) died to some huge Spirit’s Within.

Divine Might record

I love this bc, too bad is not difficult anymore like it was some years ago.
And we beat up record, and we even wasted some time inside refining tactic and positioning so…

PLD getting better!
Now I can actually tank Ixion (did nice last time!), got shinyz Homam Manopolas, bought Sinfender (which is actually nice in stuff like Dynamis, paired with Paramount earring!), Louhi mask (I don’t care what people say but I keep thinking it’s a nice idling piece) and this…

Shadow Ring

Magnified for who can’t read. And yeah, since I’m not sure if I clarified it enough i got THIS:

Shadow Ring

I could keep spamming this for much, much longer because that was really very appreciated since Dynamis been very evul with me lately (still no Argute stuff ;;) and I had really no clue I had chance for that <.<!
THANK YOU D:! Still shocked and all hyper.

MMMBeen “wasting” some time doing Moblin Maze Monger.
Made some mules in order to farm marbles quicker, now we’re able to build proper boss BCs!

Current equipment we aim to is Gnole Torque. That means we have to kill that horrible Rabbit of Doom!
Got a bit butt hurted in the first runs, but then we all learned to /nin, stun at right time and go with a sleep order.

Gnole Torque

1/7 so far, thanks alot to Dangerousdj to pass it to me x.x; Still have to get a couple of those awesome neck piece, then I’ll most likely build a maze for Mamool Ja earring.
MMM is absolutely awesome, it’s like ZNM witouth the horrible picture part!

Bahamut 2 Nashira Manteel Cuet PLD!

Finally done a zerged Bahamut, for the first time. We always killed it in the good ‘ol way; BLMs and straight tank. It’s not bad, just makes me insane after the third fight…
Bahamut Zagnal and Staff dropped off two runs, definitely not bad even thought I wanted the mask! And I’m still passing the SMN item, since I rarely play the job and other people will put that to better use.

Wiz Gloves +1

Limbus been kind to me, and I say about time! Finally got the chance to lot BLM temenos items, and upgraded hands. And I guess I’m done with this job. No reason to HQ’ stuff like head or legs, since the hMP has been replaced by better stuff.
Also haxed recent Ultima and Omega drops, Homam Manopolas (like I said before) and Nashira Manteel! I look soooo cute with that, and, RED! Really impressed none but me wanted that. Oh well x.x!

Comfy couch Scholar ?

Finally finished the “Comfy couch” pic. And started another one which is horribly horrible and I won’t finish because too many details are messy and I have no idea how to fix them.
Apparently I’m again in the “art” mood, now lesse how long it gonna last!

And finally. Salvage set started! About damn time.


  1. gratz on the manteel :D I love it a lot too myself :D:D (although stats are kinda.. meh)

    and wow I like both of the drawing :O can’t wait to see the right one colored in.

    for that solo one… yea i guess it takes some luck too (imo) for that dispel. i remember dying to fenrir quite a few times on dispel-all ja’s… keep trying though :)

  2. Nashira Manteel is indeed meh! But i guess not bad for your stuns, drain etc.
    But who cares, it really looks nice -wanna one irl too- and it’s red!

    Diabolos just being a bitch. Dispelling wrong things in wrong moments, and last couple runs bind and gravity just refused to land properly (which is horrible considering capped merits+all possible skill gear…)

    I’ll really try once I get some whm mule, buffer does cry :(

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