Hacked? Np! SE will ignore you.

Completely disgusted.
It’s definitely not new that Squarenix fails in the support department, but, like in real life, you just leave things behind till they directly hurt you.

My friend Hellday got hacked.
He was meriting yesterday with some Linkshell friends, and then he DC’s. No one worries, because like me he got some shitty connection that makes him R0 and disconnect from server sometimes. But the truth was totally a different thing.
Now, this fucker sold all his stuff already, including a low price Novio and Herald’s Gaiters. Check Ragsa. Looks like other characters named “Ragx” are connected to him as well.
Now the character Hellday became a Megalobugard farmer. What-the-fuck-ever.

Of course we all tried/successfully contacted GMs, but their reply is something……..something that makes me wonder if they really deserved to be paid.
First, GM lied to us, saying they froze HD account, which it is/was absolutely not true since he’s actually farming tusks like I said before. As SMN/THF, cool.
Why the fuck he’s not still in jail, despite all the calls and the GM talk HD himself had in Help Desk.
Hope everything will turn out fine using original FFXI reg codes, and getting his account back. Getting some stuff back wouldn’t be a problem, that’s what a Linkshell is for I guess.

I’m just utterly disappointed about SE’ way to work. Seriously. other games with UNPAID GMs (like EU Ragnarok Online, where I worked before) have a better support system, where player are actually assisted for real.

And I bet, if Hellday was Japanese he would have got everything back already. Yeah, they’re racist and proved that before.


  1. >_<; Man, that is so f’ed up. It almost reminds me of iRO (their support or lack thereof) when I was playing in early 2000. I hope things work out for your friend though, because that is just really messed up to get your account hacked and then get such lame service from the people you are trying to get help from. :\

  2. It is sad but true, SE lol’s at us all. Once your Lv.2 they know your hooked. I had a friend, got hacked, sad sad truth was…my firend just hit lv. 17. BTW if word of mouth here on Carbuncle is that the RMT sites, yes the very sites you pay to get gill, are the one’s hacking people.

    Ironic, so lemme say it again, you pay them to hack you, thats what it breaks down to.

    Also, more word of mouth goes that they, RMT, monitor other sites such as Alla, ffxiWIKI, and ffxiAH. I don’t know how much of this is true, but I have thought of an Idea I shall share with even more of my fellow FFXI players.

    When you log onto FFXI, there are 2 PW’s you use, the 2nd one is required to be 11 character (or something funky like that) so what you do, because the 1st one is only 6+, make a 6 figure PW for first one and 11+ digit PW for 2nd one. Use your 6 figure as your pw for everything and if they get that, so what, they cant change your 2nd PW.

    Any who, sorry for the long post, I’ll wrap it up, hope your friend gets his stuff back. Maybee SE will pull their heads outa their own ass’s one day.

  3. SE are not helping, service centre are not helping, in Game GM are not help
    all what they are doing is “WE R INVISTIGATING HELLO” i have to stare at the screen of my friend and watch myself farming shit 24/7 in the same zone, untill the end of month where i’ll get banned for using 3rd party tools, flee’ing everywhere, warping with using spells …

  4. Yet when I ask people…
    “Are you going to play the next SE MMO”, everyone just say yea :3
    Its cool i mean.. they make good games but the backend service is complete crap, and I think people need to consider that cuz… sometime in life you’ll need that service and when it isn’t there.. its jus messed up.

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