Hello Fafnir!

Remember what I said regarding SpikeFlain, HNLMS and such? Yeah I was supposed to join a minor linkshell a friend os mine kindly offered to me.
But I received a couple of tell that made me change my mind……and now I’m in! In SpikeFlail!


As I said on LiveJournal (imho I should stop posting on multiple web spaces on the earth..xD;) the welcome was warm and people awesome ^^/
Hope I’ll enjoy this new adventure with you guys :o
And one of my Ragnarok angels (a.k.a. people who help me with items) Yarly even welcomed me throught his blog ^^ Thanks!

When I was perl-ed it was like almost 3AM so I couldn’t do anything in particular.
But yesterday night we camped Fafnir….and of course it was my first time :o My computer was so damn laggy I couldn’t play well (but not as worse as Dynamis sessions) and trying to claim “the thing” when it popped was nearly impossible.
Fortunately I’ll get my new PC in less than one month, and then I’ll be even able to record things with Fraps ;;!!!
And of course reaching Fafnir was not too easy. I mean the road is very simple, and I even got the map of the place. But one of my dead zones is The Sanctuary of Zi’tah, and my client gone as long as I reached the outpost x_x
Thank to Michael who moved me to Bohyada, letting me reaching Aery…..

Those R0 are killing me.
Since my ISP is lame, I cannot reset my router, and that’s why ipconfig /dnsflush won’t works since I don’t have a modem.
I R0ing in Jugner, North Gustaberg, Pso’Xia, Metalworks (Yay for CoP missed cs…x_x), The Sanctuary of Zi’tah and other zones I forgot. Read this morning that Michael can’t zone in Sealion’s Den, this makes me worry since we’re going to do U&O in days. I bet he’s not the only one with dc in that place.

COP is going just fine. And this screenshot can say everything:

Goodbye Snoll :D!

We are 3/8 on Snoll, and still a couple of guys need this fight, then we are done with the three paths. My first try was as Summoner, then after a succesful fight with no SMN in I decided to bring along my little 59 WHM :X
Saved the ass with Benediction, Jowah got oneshotted but still happy, since we won :D
Didn’t use my WHM for a while, I was afraid to make some miss-macro but fortunately it didn’t happen e_e!
Now, I can’t wait to end U&O since that scares me more than Tenzen fight. That BC will take all my money but as I said 89489446 times is ok since I’ll be able to reach sea soon.

I cleared Dynamis Jeuno yesterday, with Spike Flail.
I lost the chance to get Bard’s Slippers, but who cares since I got my second clear ever o_o Next are Wind and Bastok, and I already know that I will need to play on 360 when we’ll do Windurst if I don’t have my new pc yet.
I fought in Jeuno yesterday with 0.5-3FPS medium, and I assure you it’s not nice.
I couldn’t sang Ballad/March properly. Sigh.
Also I realised I should buy missing high etudes…. and this will be one of my priorities when I’ll get more money ^^/


  1. Enjoy the HNM scene. Hope you get a manteel eventually ^^ (like Etain). And good luck on the airship. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that goes 1/1 and says, meh it wasn’t that hard. Or like me 1/8 and hunted down 5 CCB polymers…lol.

  2. I R0ing in Jugner, North Gustaberg, Pso’Xia, Metalworks (Yay for CoP missed cs…x_x), The Sanctuary of Zi’tah and other zones I forgot.

    I lolR0’d on the Airship. Kept bouncing between Jeuno and San D’oria for a while. >>

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