I r tank! And a nuke freak.

Am I wrong or the whole FFXI blogging panorama is dead? Well, at least “old” writers are not updating their stuff anymore or they just got eaten by WoW. /point Maiev and Strawberrie ; ;

Anyway! There is no way I’m going into WoW but…….actually I’ll stop blogging soon, at least I won’t be able to write about ingame activities, only because I won’t play at all!
Why? I’m finally moving to a new house, and this will probably happen before end of January. Can’t get a connection before months, and not sure if GPRS/UMTS will work there, I remember the place having a shitty phone signal.
But I will still have the opportunity to connect from work, so I’ll just post some drawings sometimes, and letting you know I’m still alive!


Finally hit 75 on BLM ^-^
Did some crazy manaburning with Linkshell people and jumped from 73 to 75 real fast! I sooooo love -ga wamouras and getting insane amount of exp this quick. I know that meripos have a better exp ratio but hey….., this is actually fun as hell!

Limbus DuoLove BLM and all the stuff I can do with! Like ENM and Limbus.
Me and Kerb started doing Brothers ENM regularly and went 2/3 on the bomb already. That let me save some money and be able to afford some BLM stuff and equipment/food for my next job (Jowah is actually buying tacos now XD)
On the limbus side, we keep spamming the same area to farm coins, upgrading materials (Diabolic Yarn: O!) and have some fun. Last time a DC kinda screwed us but…..going really fine! <3 BLM more and more!

ODS!Even if I’m getting emo when I remove my filters and see how gimp my damage is compared to others (not really considering his damage for……very obvious reasons.)
And I hate merits, but I guess I should get some soonish ;; Putted only a few on BLM.

Helped Genkotsu duoing (lol guess with who :p) ODS and managed to clear it succesfully~
Need moar stuff of this kind, woot :3!

And after last Sky gods run I’m even getting pimped, thanks to my LS <3 and some hardcore farming that let you raping all those turtles, tiggers and birds!


Thank you everyone, I’m so happy! One step closer to ungimp my job :) (And just realized I showed off Zeniths in my last post)
The thing I’m aiming next is getting Goliard clogs with my Nyzul set (wich is going REALLY good) and Rostrum pumps I’ll eventually lot if this Saturday we manage to gather lot of people.
Wanted to do that for long time (as long with Shen!) but I failed organizating it, so I still have my triggers getting rusty in Mog house! ><

I finally decided what level next. Well, guess what, Paladin. I wasn’t sure about that, since other jobs like WAR, COR, MNK, SCH are appealing to me but….. a tarutaru paladin is the most awesome thing on Vanadiel.


I managed getting 42 and 2/3 of exp, started as 35 on saturday night. Actually it’s the only job ever I never get pl’d. Had some WONDERFUL parties at Crawlers Nest (even if the leader of one was really a noob) and everyone said I did a very good job! And actually met some very nice people like Divina and Gryph. Hallo there!

I’m planning to reach 50~ before I’m gone for the whole moving thing, and why not, maybe with some AF in my inventory, just to steal the little space I have left.
Gonna get Parade Gorget sometimes next weekend; sadly I need a guide for that or my orientation will fail as usual………..lolMe. I really hate that place :p

I’m REALLY ENJOYING PLD and I’m so glad I’ve started resuming it. Plus the hueg taru manapool makes the job so <3…. Lacking a bit on HP but that’s never been a problem really. Tacos+using Sentinel and Flash cleverly makes the jobs really easy.
Manged to tank even links! I’m so awesome. I luv PLD.


  1. Tarutaru PLD!
    Almost as cute as Mit PLD!

    I’m guilty of not updating my blog enough lately buuut I think that will change soon! Been doing loads of stuff lately so now I actually have things to blog about! yayayay!

    Congratulations on your BLM75 :D! Lots of screenshots in PLD AF prz :3

  2. Woaw nice drawings
    and congratulations on your BLM !!

    Good luck with the moving and please don’t stay away too long from the game, we must make sure that the overall amount of FFXI blogposts keeps outnumbering the *bleh* WOW blogposts !! ^^/

  3. Hay gl with moving! I’d rather u move and draw more =P to be honest :) Your Felt pen expertise is amazing :D

    Speaking of PLD, I was thinking of playing PLD as healer… like wear plate and heal :D sounds odd but.. not a bad idea imo :D

    I’m moving too :) in 3 days :O to a place with 2 internet connection :o! >.>

  4. I am glad I am not the only one who noticed that FFXI bloggers have gone down a bit. On one hand, I am glad because it means that those who weren’t really into it are out of the pool of bloggers. I dislike it because some of my favorite blogs aren’t updating as often I would like.

    I thought about leveling PLD after leveling WoW Paladin, but I think I need to finish my other things first before I take up another job. ;o;

    Oh yeah, hopefully we can catch each other and level up sometime. Though I think I am going to need to get spells for my BLU group before I can do anymore leveling anytime soon. ;(

  5. I have a random question for you- which WordPress plugin do you use to post your posts here to LJ too? Thinking of mirroring my posts on my FFXI livejournal. :3

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