Such a lotwhore!

Disappeared! Why? Some of you know this already, but I had a little quick surgery :o
Everything went fine and cool and that gave 2 weeks off work! After first days of total pain (I couldn’t even move in my bed) I played bunch on FFXI…those are the results.

MIssing in the pic: RDM subligars, Sorcerer’s Petasos and Scholar 40! Omg @.@; I’m still shacking irl!

Did Dynamis-Xarcabard on Saturday night, which it was the same day I had the surgery, and my linkshell gave me this awesome present! Sorcerer’s Petasos!!! I still can’t believe it and I’m so happy!
Really thank you for my BLM wet dream item.
Dyna bubu, 2 Sorcerer’s belt dropped and I managed to snag one! Gratz Distress for the other one :3~

Morrigan body 35 o.o I dunno how I’ll get all the ingots, I have like 2 and probably can buy a third, I’ll dare my luck doing tons of BCNMs, need money like now!
Also, our set is going to turn out real cool, we have so many recruits, just a matter of time and we gonna rock!

Did three Cerberus ZNMs and got not even a single trigger drop. Fight was really easy even with the Dispel thing on Stoneskin and the whole Chainspell thing..
Four condom hats (Oracle’s cap!) dropped and there it is my “definitive” hMP head. Too bad SCH can’t wear any Oracle’s :(

Made a quick Sacrarium farm last saturday, dragged 5-6 people and I finally got Glamour Jupon (for sch!) and Gaudy harness!

Scholar 40! I LOVE this job, is so much fun. I can’t wait to get my first weather spell and get to 50, start to happily leech a bit in sea, lol. Manifestation/Accession are indeed the most cool thing ever, even this gimps a bit my own jobs (like Divine Veil/Seal each min at 75)~
Goal? 75 in August!

Omg <3 you people and happy to still have fun in this awesome game :3!
Quick summary of what happened, to tell the world I’m not dead!


  1. Lotwhore no, I bet you deserve it, even if it’s after your quick surgeon :/
    I so want to play and all that and :V blablabla I will most likely level SCH when I can log in someday, somehow! even if it’s just to 37 ofc.

    Take care Cami~

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