Orange LS goes lucky.

Lady luck decided to love us. Definitely having some good luck lately regarding drops, on various type of events.
(Kerberoz away for holidays, coincidence ? :P)


I talked already about previous Jailers and their torque “orgy”, plus 2novia+2torque+1novio out of three JoL fights.
But our luck continued in Salvage as well, getting FOUR, and let me say again, FOUR drops in TWO RUNS.
We did Bahflau Remnants with a six man party, and actually the whole thing worked out better than with our “usual” numbers, like 8-12 people or more.
No drops untill last floor we did, then Dormant Rampart popped TWO Zacharies and we went 2/2 getting two different drops.
We died with glory a little after the 2nd NM was killed, since birds are really annoying (rampart spawning Colibris) and it’s nearly impossible to rest. Congratulations to Amina who got the pieces^^
Unfortunately the Widow didn’t show up on the first floor, and either mad bomber -zee trig- in one of two runs there.

We also got our THIRD marduk hand piece (no longer have the sole right on those, duh!) and another I forgot x_X; (If I remember correctly was a Deimos’s Mask from Deviate Bhoot NM)
Need to spam some LAC now (a.k.a. Long Armed Chariot, a.k.a. the lolCharmer) and hopefully I’ll see some Marduk lvl25 pants dropping.
Not that a 25 piece is that good now, if those stupid bomber+widow don’t pop ._.;


We did Dynamis-Jeuno on Tue and i got BRD feet :o And now I’m finally 6/6 on BRD relic artifact, I’m so happy ^^

BRD Feet

Currently using feets for lolLullaby macro (YES I AM A NOOOOOB, string skill, ewww) since Mary still hates me and doesn’t want to show up or gimme her horn ^_^!
So, I’m stuck with my Nursemaid Harp. Talking about instruments, I think I should sell some useless flutes/harps since things like MINNE are totally USELESS and UNUSED.
And also inventory space +1 is always nice to get.
I finally saw a SMN drop in Dynamis-Windurst, but that piece is not that awesome (despite the blue look, AF1 is better) I decided to pass for other many people who wanted and Hellday got it. Congratulations :3!

Our luck keepin’ going on!
We did an assload of Sky Gods yesterday, and actually been cursed a little too ’cause 340985304958 Zenith legs dropped. Zenith for all!



But we saw a couple of Genbu Shields, some Kabutos, Sune-Ate, Kotes and Haidates! Quite a nice droprate, let me tell you!
Jowah got both Kabuto and Sune-ate, passed on shield twice since first somebody deserved it more (Tiyha who worked on trigs so hard) and then because I already got two items x_X!
Maybe next time then!

Regarding some personal “solo” achievements, I tried to camp Chary for the Joytoy (lolBRD) the whole Sunday, but with no luck.
KV popped while I was camping it and that was a good reason to leave with no regrets!
I will try to get it again during this week, and after that I absolutely need to get all eyes for Hakutaku Eyecluster. Yes. That’s it, WHM melee and I’m working on it.

Since I’ll get Reverend Mail soon, I was thinking to get that hat plus I’m trying to spam some assault areas for few Storm pieces (lolFakeHomam), wich can be a nice addition for my WHM.
I still need to raise my Club skill over 200 and unlock Hexa Strike (I’m still 193-194 ; ;) and will probably /poke my friend Matix asking for his Kraken for few hours.
Or still can use my sea rod with the 590039 virtue stone pouches I accurately kept.

Whoa, this is sure a long and big post, I am at work while waiting some job to be done so it’s why I’m spending more time then usual on this.

Last but not least, I am SO HAPPY and surprised about some people contacting me in game telling they know me from blog and they like it.
You can’t imagine how wonderful this feeling can be. If you see me around/online don’t mind to /tell me “Hi”!

Tog also moved from Ifrit to Ragnarok, but I am a bit sad I still couldn’t play I bit with him, Jowah’s such a busy bee as usual.

Jeff fixed his WAR sub for NIN, so he’s quickly raising Ninja to lvl 40-ish in order to reach my BLM, and then we can start our run to 75.
Still trying to pimp Black Mage, Aviendha proposed me to organize some Uggalepih (UGGA NOOOOOO) Pendant runs. I guess I will join for sure ^^!

Jowah’s so talkative today, I hope I didn’t bore you with all my blurbs!


  1. Jowah is getting pimped! When are u goin share some goodies with me :)

    Speaking of dynamis, tat is pretty bad drop but at least u got currency too!

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