My Maat Adventure

Before starting, I’ll warn you that this is going to be A LONG POST. Actually there are more images than writings. But I’m too happy and MUST do it xD


Everything started here. Level 70. No more run aways. I HAD to fight the guy. It’s true that I could level till exp cap, but I’ve been 1TNL due to genkai once, and I didn’t want that to happen again. Actually first try was at level 69, with no serious equipment, using one testimony obtained with Xeel long ago. And of course, I failed. Then I farmed more testimonies with Draken and his brother Demeanor. More attempts and I ended up getting killed three times by the old guy.

I realised that I missed something, and I did know what it could be. A proper SWORD! Asked Michael to craft a Cermet Sword, and I suddenly received a signed weapon. Which is definitely a nice incentive. In a sentimental way at least.




Weapon wise, I was ok. Next “must have” was Opo-opo Necklace. I had money left for potions only, so I had to QUEST it. Michael made me some Powder and Oils, just in case I couldn’t cast Sneak or Invisible inside Cauldron. Ran as quick as possible and reached that stupid headstone and got my necklace!


I was ready! I obtained the items I needed Wanted to grab an Icarus wing but again I was really low on cash.
Anyway, I ended up equipped like this:: Carapace head body and hands, Cermet Sword, Elegant Shield, Opo opo Necklace (yes, i left that for the fight), Gleeman’s Belt, Beetle Earring +1, Beetle Earring, AF legs and shoes, Jester Cape, Oliphant, Flute +1, Balance Ringx2 (thanks Eltharion). And Blink band grabbed from Michael!

Then I entered BC. Have fun with my fight’s log.


I WON! Please note the high potion panic spam in the end! Went back to Maat and completed the quest.



STAR BREAKER! I CAN FINALLY LEVEL UP TO 75!  I think it’s my first great accomplishment in FFXI. Sky was great, but not THAT great, since I had to do it in a party, and not soloing it.  It was nice to see I can kick butts! With no sub too!
And now let’s go for 71


For celebrating this event, Draken bought me ERRANT HOUPPELANDE, and told me he will help me to get my Opo Crown Items!
I can’t wait to wear that, and get lvl75! Also Michael beat Maat yesterday as well! CONGRATULATIONS to both of us!


  1. How could you hit such a old and poor man ; _ ;) *shakez head* youth today…
    NAAAAH j/k!
    Gj! \=’_’=/ *gives congrats huggles* nao gogo and get 73 for Mazu-mazurka!

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