Where is love for BLMs? Nowhere..

Ewww update. SE keep’n killing BLM again, for real. Not that I cared so much till last update, but seriously it’s sad D: SCH getting T4s is something beyond fail, if we don’t get something new and unique (meh, besides AM2) we’ll probably end being teleport bitches <.<
Not that WHM got something cool. Teleports to past areas, yay. Nice coupling with D2 to the past. Excitement. <.<;


Well, at least I’m stupid enough to have fun with new /dances motions. And there is actually something good for one of my jobs.

Elemental Siphion!Elemental Siphion is cool. Very.
I tried it this morning before running to work and I gladly drained 220~ish MP from Ice elemental on….Lightsday I think? Unfortunately I don’t have a Light ele yet. I was even like naked, since I just changed job and equipped some random stuff not Summoner related.
From what I’ve heard, Aspir rate is calculated by Summoning skill (<3 insane Marduk SMN skill+) and if the called elemental matches the current Vana’diel day.
Gonna try this properly equipped once I get home, can’t wait to see how much I can get! I wonder if elemental obis will help for this purpose…..? Probably not.

Anyway, still sad for BLM, damn you SE for being so hateful against this awesome job :(

Elemental 4

Kerb is helping me getting some merits. Have also some potency and enfeebling already raised. Gah, I really hate meripos. Can’t really stand them D: So boring and……… so stressful on BRD. Never rest, never slow down, always have to run and run; pull this, sleep that, play that song, “omg where is my minuet!” and stuff like this.
God, I’m so going to make my PLD DD and merit with that instead.

PLD dinged 60 last sunday. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pic with me wearing that new shiny cute AF, but will do next time! I’m so cute! And getting 60 means I have to level my gimp war, it’s still 30, think I found how I’ll spend my first Emperor band charges :3

Valor CoronetValor Coronet

And even got my second PLD AF2 piece lol! It almost went freelot. Guess it’s a nice macropiece for Rampart, and I’ll probably wear my Assjammer fulltime anyway (grabbing stuff at low levels is win, since there is no way we’re going to claim a Fafnir sometimes soon D:)
Anyway happeh, getting pimped on this job also! Can’t wait for the signed chainsaw +1 (Macuhatl) at 65!


Helped Kerb getting Kotes from Boroka for his Monk. Since we do have a set you know.
Went 1/3, not really bad since this NM is not really a pain in the ass to camp nor kill.
Just a matter of Freeze “burn” with one or more parties of BLMs!
Got three torques and a couple of earrings too, kinda forgot who got what. Well, gratz to all of you anyway!


Salvage going on nicely. We actually get drops. And this makes me really happy, even if Dekka STILL hates me. And that’s why I renamed it to something like that:


Srsly. Hate this NM. But at least we got Skadi hands off gear NM, and Kerb won lot against Tirinai. Well, congratulations suft! Time to save gils for bloods with me! Need to gather around 1min, so can’t *still* buy a sorc, I need to upgrade my Morrigan cuffs!

Did a first serious attempt to boss, Long ArmedChariot. We were few people with not exactly the right jobs, kinda lacked on DMG but overall we fought really fine, even if we wiped. Had a botted WHM, me on BRD (while right now I have enough merits to do real serious damage, just lacking of Freeze II, but whatever D:)
Can’t wait to finally crush a boss with our current set up, and I guess it’s going to happen really soon! (And need 25s with all those drops!)

And finally, I managed to get my first Limbus item ^^

Musical Earring

A big thank you to Kerb who gave me some of his coins to reach the amount of 75 pieces!
And, last Limbus was meh. Stuff on silver platter again, so lucky on portals, behemots not mating but… i failed. Lol, that’s when I’d like to insta delete my FFXI id and quit. I suck ; ;
We got BLM item as well so I guess next time We’ll do Temenos……… so much relieved.
Apollyon is better coin wise, but I still have some major difficulties doing Wyrm and Behe sometimes. Not like I don’t panic at all if an avatar pops on Temenos Ele’ tower, but we usually open time chest only.
Whatever! Next time will be better, I hope. BLM is so much stressful sometimes ;; /facepalm

Regarding site, I fixed both Gallery and Video page. Just lacking of some little font fixes. Still have to style the whole comment form, I admit I haven’t wrote a single CSS line for it. Guess I’ll do something tomorrow or so, but I want to finish the most important things within the end of week!
Super happy on how it turned out! After I finish this, gonna work on Kerb site, need to force him to set it up!

EDIT: Omg I want this!

Wedding Certificate

If I don’t find any news sometimes soon I’m gonna spread my researches on JP sites or even ask GM <.<;
Wonder if I can get that even if I already had the whole wedding/ceremony, if not…… can I marry Kerberoz again? :D


  1. I entirely love the new layout! Specially funny that you can see the pics at the bottom is like… all in one! Don’t change it in a very long time! :3


  2. Aww, I have lots of love for BLMs! :o Especially the good ones! I know I wouldn’t be a good BLM, because I’d get high off the numbers and over cook the mobs. ;o;

  3. thanks for the comment. and my thoughts exactly. that dynamis has like a broomstick up their rear. i constantly haste 1-2 ppl in my party (depending if i have a refreshner) and i spam curaga spells even if their HP is bellow 90%. and i always have constant 800-1k MP. i should have left a long time ago once i got my whm body. they’ve threaten one of my fwen with breaking his pearl over questioning the ldr (jackblck) and they upsetted my best fwen ciermel a while back and reduced her points to 0.

  4. You have to tell me what the Marriage Certificate is all about when you find out. I would love to log in and get one with Vagus, since we had our big San d’Orian wedding… Let me know! :E

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