I’m a Queen!

Managed to get an Opo-opo Crown sooner than expected. I’ve never tought I could obtain that item so fast! I want to thank Michael and Draken for help, without them I couldn’t get that. And I guess I need to start making them a monument, since They have been helping me so much with basically everything.


  • Wyvern Skull: 1st kill-> Drop. That was fun! Went to Ifrit with Michael and Xeel.
  • Lucky Egg: Had this from long time, found while exping in Bohyada
  • Broken Mithran Rod: Strangely enough this rod is more expensive broken. Bought it in AH @15k and Michael broke it in Qufim!
  • Workbench: Simply bought it at the guild in Sand’Oria
  • Wandering Bulb: 1st kill->Drop again! I felt kind lucky in this quest.
  • Blackened Toad: Ok this one took several hours at sea serpent grotto. Definitely the most annoying.
  • Giant Fish Bones: Uggalepih with Draken and Mich while forming our next EXP party. I think it dropped after 30 minutes.
  • Ten of Coins: 1st kill-> drop again! And that’s where I died. I accidentally clicked on mission 6.1 door, spawning four NM cardians. Despite EXP loss it was fun I guess.
  • Ancient Salt: I tried to get this on my own, but I needed like 30 minutes per mob. Killed two and got bored. Went there again with Michael and again, 1st kill-> drop XD. I think I won’t be lucky like this anymore in my life.
  • Sands of Silence: Bought it, 20k.

Get opo

And now I’m proudly THE QUEEN !


Time to rush for level 72 in order to wear Errant hoppelaunde and get rid of that boring Justacorps.


  1. Congrats Jowah! Obviously Michael is your lucky charm, make sure you keep a tight hold on that one :D

    And whats wrong with Justacorps~ I think it looks great :)

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