Tales of…

I’m not talking about the famous Namco’ RPG series of course. But I’m going to write on something regarding missions I managed to finish in those days!

First of all, I completed all Zilart.
Excited? Not so much,actually the main accomplishment in this storyline was the Ark Angel’ extermiation.
Xeel offered to me and Michael to go killing the little punk, Eald n’arche; and of course we did not refuse o_o!
Mhh….if I remember correctly party setup was the following: BLU BLM BRD WAR RDM NIN.
Went in, buffed, and started slaying the stupid blondie. After few seconds of fight (just finished casting my second song on melees) i was petrified, gravited, terrorized…and died. Stupidly I reraised and couldn’t Hymnus in time, so I was deadtaru again. ;_;
Then other mages died. After them, Xeel (nin), Fassbinder (war) and Diabolik (blu).
We took Kaku to Celestial Nexius and assisted us with Raise IIIx6 :D

Went in again, I died again but managed to end the battle. I had a decent amount of safe exp but now I have less than 600 EXP@75 ;____;!
Something’s telling me to say /goodbye to merits for once and getting back my backup experience for dynamis and other missions.

Zilart end

But the mission’ report will not end here!
Probably most in-server people knows this (I tell’d all Vanadiel and beyond) , but I finally succeed in killing Diabolos.
Fight was well planned and went smoothly and fine. I entered the BC as SMN; we had two DRKs, one BLU (Micha♥), one NIN and a WHM.

Diabolos ~ Before Diabolos x_x;;

As soon as we jumped down where Diabolos landed, we had to find our right place on the right square. Nothing easier especially when you press …..accidentally…your cutie F11 button.
Summoned Ramuh and did Thunderspark twice, since that move is very nice till you get DoubleSlap from Shiva. And somehow I love Ramuh :D
Anyway! He did Nightmare three times, but we failed to stop his third try x_x
I managed to wake up but died due bio, while I was trying to heal myself. WHM woke up with me, healed herself and did Benediction once I reraised. I already 2-houred before dying, and fortunately Astral Flow was still on when I came back to life so I could finish Diabolos with a second Judgement Bolt.


I think I’ll proceed fast with this set. Leader said we’re going to do Ouryu this night and Sacrarium on saturday. While today me and other members (such the WHM) will be at work, Michael and other people will farm feather for the dragon ^^

I would LOVE to play as BRD there, but I am the only summoner in set so…..here I come :/
It’s a pity missing to play with my main job when it’s actually needed. But I don’t care as long as I can get fast sea’ access.
I’ll even ignore some obnoxious dictator guy and free blasphemy dispenser we have.

And I got a Whalalaalala« turban o.o!


I planned to get this long ago but was actually lazy to exchange golds into bronze pieces. But after Yarly’last comment I decided to get rid of my lazyness and grab my brand new item!
Did it very fast, thanks to /item “wtf a coin” . Regarding items, I’m working on Yigit gomlek right now, and will buy a Jester +1 soon if CoP doesn’t suck me lot of money.
I’m loving BRD again, and I’m happy for it!


  1. I see jowah like to do stuff without draken so draken will do stuff without jowah jowah… and i try minotaur and died XO GL in the future because draken is bored bye!

  2. Statics and a dictator guy is one of the best ways to get to sea. Without a leader who pushes people to do mission, farm items, and be prepped people tend to fall by the wayside. Good luck getting sea. The first big roadblock tends to be the Three Paths, the next the airship fight. After the airship fight the next missions just take a long time to do but are not as difficult. ^^

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