Toughts time.

Regarding FFXI I’ve been happy lately. Very happy!
I’m proceeding fast with no stress to cop (wich I adore) and meeting new people. I also can’t wait to join the LS that’s waiting for me, and I had lot of fun with the few dyna runs I’ve attended to.

But…… I like to bitch about something even if everything is going smoothly – -;


I still can’t understand why SE is keeping some items far from any “median” player. What am I talking about ? xD You bet it, cashmere!
I think that all jses should be equal regarding price (so ingredients’ value). I can’t believe that a weskit is worth 30k, NINjse is around20-30k and same goes for other pieces o_o!

Clueless bard reaches his LVL 72. “lol orz wtf omg, Sha’Ir manteel!” (I tought that.) Clueless bard checks AH and finds that his cutie piece is worth around 14……million. WTF.
This mean that in order to get one, you’re forced to:

  • Have an HNMLS or
  • Have some very good friend who take you in a vrtra/bahamut/whatever run
  • Uhm…you know that ? <.< >.>
    (since those people actually exist)

I won’t hide the fact that I hope getting one one day, after I’ve joined that HNMLS.
Or cashmere will be a RL nightmare XD

Uhm….I don’t know if I’ll post again before going, but this saturday I’ll go on holidays with my family, Michael and other people. We’lle go skiing!
I LOVE ski, and it’s a pity I live in an harbour city far so far from snow and mountains (unlike Mich x_x)
So, don’t worry If i totally desappear for one whole week !D

I’m also considering to make a new layout for the blog but my brain is totally empty (as usual) and I can’t do anything sweet and unique atm =_=;;;
I’ll try to do something next week, I hope I’ll have some ideas ;;! And I have to start Etain’s layout too.
Jowah’s a busy bee!


  1. Enjoy yourself on holiday!

    You better take lots of photo’s and post them up! >:O

    xD Skiing, I’m jealous, I’ve never been skiing ever and I’d love to go ; ; Maybe one year I’ll save up and go to the Alps or something XD

  2. Is there even snow at all around where we live? @.@ we’re having a really really warm winter this year in Italy… not like I’m complaining :p never the less, have a good time skiing see you next week ^^)b

  3. Happy Vacationing!

    BTW, Weskits used to me in the millions too, until the talons were added to some ISNMs. One day, perhaps cashmere will as well? Until then, my trusty Minstrel’s coat will suffice, until I’m arsed to do the assaults for the Ygit bodypiece.

  4. OMG is that brown hair?!??!?! gimme gimme thxxx!!

    sorry haven’t been catching onto ur blog, been real busy irl, hence i haven’t even post on my own =P

  5. honestly, seeing “Ciermel” posting is mad weird =P I thought its my friend Ciermel :) I guess the other Ciermel is also my friend now XD

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