Shikigami dropnessss!

img_20070627_083727.jpgOMG OMG OMG I finally got my Yingyang robe. I am so happy about it and the most beautiful thing is that lot of people helped me. we were like 12, gathered in Ro’Maeve after an epic fast Tiamat.


Thanks to an almost-nazi Jeff spammin “xx:xx till Shiki come to hEELllLPPppp” and the fact most people were online due Dynamis-Beaucedine we done earlier, almost all LS was online.
Individually, I need to thank Jeff at first, then Graeson, Tayhha, Nep, Tdizzle, Kamalii, Whitescropio, Gades, and the new entries Kiyuan, Bignineinch and Cain. (Random order so don’t complain!)

YYR Got!Tayhha came as RNG and she was able to find it very quickly via scan, meanwhile Jeff crazy pulled it with obviously a countless number of links.
BRD pulls are blessed (ok, TH4 helped here as well) and fortunately it dropped. So lucky.
Happy coz I even stayed online SO MUCH (went sleep around 4.40AM, and consider I had to wake up @8AM for work) but it was worth it.
And happy ’cause it is a (dream) item also! No words can describe this D:!!!!!!


Regarding other things, I even managed to get T3 Assaults (yes I’m lazy!) Just spamming the same mission over and over…..Lamia 13 + Chest thing in Illrusi.


I completed the quest “easily” because Jeff helped me (read:logged me) to find the prints in IForgotWichToauMap.

Dunno if I should spam “Saving Private Ryaf” Assault like Kamalii said, to get Periqa points for my future Yigit, since I still need AP to join Salvage. Well, I guess I should try spamming it as possible as I can and hope to be able to succesfully get lot of surplus points.
My BRD looks crappy with Errant body XD! And I can’t borrow Jeff’s Sha’Ir Manteel forever (thinking to stop doing it :x)

Ohhh well. Who cares about Yigit and Assault things today, I have YYRRRRRR D:!!!!
*dances happily*


  1. Jowah’s Boss:

    Boss>> Did you play video game over getting enough sleep for work?
    Jowah>> YYR over you biatch!
    Boss>> Pack your bags!
    Jowah>> Damn right, I can now collect my Yigit and Assault things, starting today!
    Boss>> Damn, ppl are crazy these days!

    Gratz ;) btw just joking around lawlskates

  2. OOoomg lolTHF D;! I didn’t notice that!

    And lol Maiev, I need to force my boss to play FFXI!

    Jowah>> Hai boss, Nid day 11 roflroflroflomgomg need to go
    Boss>> Ok, no work today, let’s camp that!

    Then again,

    Boss>> Here you go, your monthly money for work.
    Jowah>> …..gils? Euro where!


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